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Actress Pictures is proud to be your prime source for the best celebrity and actress pictures available on the entire Internet. We are constantly adding and updating celebrities, actresses and other female stars to our website to bring you the best celebrity pictures, actress and star photos and stills. We are your one stop resource for the celebrity and actress pictures you are looking for in our celebrity galleries. features established stars and the hottest female newcomers alike.

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Okay, we have to admit, that there are some beautiful female celebrities out there that are not actresses, but still deserve attention. Our website will feature these worthy celebrities and proudly share them with you.

Some professional activities, by the nature of being extremely high-paid, highly exposed, and difficult to get into, are very likely to confer celebrity status. Therefore movie stars and television actresses with lead roles on prominently scheduled shows are likely to become celebrities. Highly-ranked politicians, businesswoman, national television reporters, daytime television show hosts, supermodels, successful athletes and chart-topping musicians and singers are also likely to become celebrities.

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